Adelaide Waterbury - Photos and Grave Stones

The following black and white photographs were found in a scrap book created by Adelaide Waterbury in 1897 and 1898. Personal photography was a relatively new thing at that time. Adelaide worked in a store where cameras were sold. It looks like she may have borrowed a camera, and then had the film developed by an amateur photographer. The prints were not fixed thotoughly and have lost most of their contrast.

The color photographs of grave stones were taken at the Spring Grove Cemetery in Darien, Conn. in 1980.

Adelaide Louise Waterbury (1898)

Adelaide Louise Waterbury

Grave stone for Thomas C. Reading (1879 - 1963), and Adelaide Waterbury Reading (1876 - 1932)

Grave stone for Thomas Reading and Adelaide Waterbury

Andrew Shaw Waterbury, father of Adelaide Louise Waterbury (1898)

Andrew Shaw Waterbury

Grave stone for Andrew Shaw Waterbury (1849 - 1926), Julia L. Scofield (1851 - 1910), and Dorothy Waterbury Reading Chapman (1911 - 1979)

Waterbury grave stone 2

Lewis Waterbury, Mr. Sherer (?), and Andrew Shaw Waterbury (1898)

Lewis Waterbury and Andrew Waterbury

Grave stone for Lewis Waterbury (1814 - 1907), Nancy Shaw Waterbury (1820 - 1903), and Robert Franklin Waterbury (1858 - 1859)

Waterbury grave stone 1

Agness Ann Lambert Scofield ("Grandma"), Jennie Scofield Mullet ("Aunt Jennie"), and Henry Selleck Scofield ("Grandpa") (1898)

Scofield photo

Grave stone for Henry Selleck Scofield (May 7, 1828 - June 29, 1903) and Agness Ann Lambert Scofield (July 25 1828 - April 9, 1900).

Scofield grave stone 1

If anyone has any information on the ancestors of Henry Selleck Scofield, please contact Bill Luken at my e-mail adress

Grave stone for Jennie Scofield Mullet (1867-1953) and her husband, Frederick Mullet (1840-1913).

Scofield grave stone 2
Darien RR Station

The railroad station and the bridge over Boston Post Road in the center of Darien, Connecticut circa 1898.

Rings End Landing

Ring's End Landing, Darien, Connecticut circa 1898

Grave stone for Carolyn Bell Waterbury

Grave stone for Carolyn Bell Waterbury Fleming, Spring Grove Cemetery, Darien, Connecticut.

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